Dottikon Es Holding AG manufactures and sells performance chemicals, intermediates, and active pharmaceutical ingredients for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries in Switzerland and internationally. The company's chemicals and intermediates include amines, anilines, azaindoles, benzimidazoles, benzoic acid derivatives, benzyl compounds, boron building blocks, chiral compounds, cyclohexane derivatives, cyclopropyl building blocks, indazoles, indoles, N-heterocycles, nitrate esters, nitroaro... matic compounds, O-heterocycles, phenols and anisoles, and pyridine building blocks. It also provides Dottisol, an isosorbide dimethyl ether for application as a solubility enhancer in cosmetic, and pharma and agro products, as well as a performance additive in various industries. In addition, the company engages in the recycling and waste treatment activities; and provision of consulting services for investment companies. Dottikon Es Holding AG was founded in 1913 and is headquartered in Dottikon, Switzerland. Dottikon Es Holding AG is a subsidiary of EVOLMA Holding AG.


Hembrunnstrasse 17, Dottikon, Switzerland Zipcode 5605


41 56 616 81 11

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Subsidiary: Dottikon Exclusive Synthesis AG

Key Executives
Name Title Pay Year Born
Dr. Markus Blocher Dipl. Chem., Ph.D., Dr. sc. nat. Chairman, CEO & MD 500,000$ 1971(49 years old)
Ms. Marlene Born Eidg. Dipl. Chief Financial Officer N/A 1975(45 years old)
Dr. Urs Brรƒยคndli Head of Processes & Technologies N/A 1960(60 years old)
Mr. Kurt Tripolt Head of Recruiting & Admin. N/A N/A
Ms. Karin Krause Head of HR N/A 1968(52 years old)
Dr. Knut Hildebrandt Dipl. Chem., Dr. rer. nat. Head of Quality Management N/A 1958(62 years old)
Dr. Stephan Kirschbaum Dipl. Chem., Dr. rer. nat. Head of Bus. Devel. N/A 1967(53 years old)
Dr. Thomas Rosatzin Ph.D. Head of Purchasing N/A 1962(58 years old)
Dr. Robert Dahinden Head of Production N/A 1966(54 years old)

Financial & Stock
Company's stock symbol is DESN.SW. Lastest price : 183.00. Total volume :2.39k Click reload if you want to check the lastest price on market!!!

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DOTTIKON ES HOLDING AG : DESN Stock Price | CH058258โ€ฆ Dottikon ES Holding AG is a Switzerland-based holding company that specializes in hazardous chemistry and focuses on the exclusive synthesis of fine chemicals for the pharmaceutical and chemical โ€ฆ