Yowie Group Limited, a brand licensing company, develops and sells consumer products worldwide. Its product portfolio comprises gummy, bites, and surprise-inside the egg. The company owns intellectual property rights to supply Yowie branded chocolate confectionery products, as well as develops Yowie digital platform and Yowie branded licensed consumer products. Yowie Group Limited is headquartered in Perth, Australia.



216 St Georges Terrace, Perth, WA, Australia Zipcode 6000


61 8 6268 2640

Market Cap:
Total Revenue:
Total Assets:
Total Cash:

Key Executives
Name Title Pay Year Born
Mr. Mark Schuessler Global CEO, MD & Director 484,138$ N/A
Mr. Wayne Brekke Global Chief Financial Officer 207,600$ N/A
Ms. Cynthia Thayer Global Chief Marketing Officer 222,600$ N/A
Mr. Neville John Bassett AM, B.Bus., FCA Company Sec. 72,491$ 1957(63 years old)

Financial & Stock
Exchange ASX. Currency in AUD. Market state CLOSED
According to Yowie's financial reports the company's revenue in 2020 were 10.75M an decrease(-28.57%) over the years 2019 revenue that were of 14.43M. In 2020 the company's total earnings were -8.13M while total earnings in 2019 were -5.1M( +60%).
Company's stock symbol is YOW.AX. Lastest price : 0.0430. Total volume :168.75k Click reload if you want to check the lastest price on market!!!

Site Inspections: http://www.yowiegroup.com

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  • Location: United States
  • Latitude: 38.6583
  • Longitude: -77.2481
  • Timezone: America/New_York

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Yowie - Wikipedia

En.wikipedia.org Yowie is one of several names for an Australian folklore entity reputed to live in the Outback. The creature has its roots in Aboriginal oral history. In parts of Queensland, they are known as quinkin (or as a type of quinkin), and as joogabinna, in parts of New South Wales they are called Ghindaring, jurrawarra, myngawin, puttikan, doolaga, gulaga and thoolagal. Other names include yaroma, noocoonah, wawee, pangkarlangu, jimbra and tjangara. Yowie-type creatures are common in Aboriginal Australianlegends, …

Yowie World - The Home of Rumble, Squish, Ditty, Boof

Yowieworld.com Yowie World - The Home of Rumble, Squish, Ditty, Boof, Crag & Nap The sweet way to learn Learn about your favorite wild animals and where they come from this Easter + build your habitat map!

YOWIE – Yowie

Shopyowie.com YOWIE is here to bring you items to live with and enjoy!

Collect Yowie & Animals from Around the World - Yowie World

Yowieworld.com You can enjoy Yowie – guilt free – as our Surprise-Inside product is 100% natural milk chocolate made with sustainably sourced ingredients and is Rainforest Alliance Certified. As a global brand, we have created a high quality chocolate which has been made to enjoy by chocolate lovers all over the world!

Products – Yowie

Shopyowie.com Cove Glass Tray in Pink. Sold Out Cul De Sac Bath Mat. $ 60.00 Daisy Bath Towel. $ 44.00

Yowie (chocolate) - Wikipedia

En.wikipedia.org Yowie is a confectionery and publishing brand originating in Australia in 1995 by Cadbury and Kidcorp. It was one of the top selling chocolates in Australia in the late 1990s and early 2000s, selling over a million units a week. After a break of nearly a decade, Yowie relaunched in 2014 for US markets.


Yowiesightings.com The Yowie remains an Australian cryptid even though there is substantial anecdotal evidence of their existence from thousands of eyewitness reports and stories. The Australian Yowie is also known as Quinkin, doolargarl and Yahoo among others from Aboriginal culture and Australian Apeman.

Yowie® Express Multi-Functional Rally Wear

Primeline.com Polyester Microfiber multifunction rally wear. Keeps you warm in the cold and cool in the heat.Can be used as a bandana, wristband, head wrap, scarf, face mask, skull cap, hair band, scrunchie, rally towel and much more.Hand-wash only.View instructionsNote: Not intended for medical use; not recognized by the CDC or FDA as safe or effective against COVID-19 or any virus; no guarantee item will ...

Australian Yowie Research - Home

Yowiehunters.com.au The Australian Yowie Research is the FIRST Website on the Internet dedicated to the Research of the Yowie and are also the LARGEST and most well known Research Organization in the World on all subjects Yowie related. Many years of hard work and Research has …

Yowie | Definition of Yowie at Dictionary.com

Dictionary.com Yowie definition at Dictionary.com, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now!

Yowie Sighting QLD 2021 Calgoa Creek

Yowiesightings.com Calgoa Creek Yowie Encounter QLD The following Yowie sighting report (Australian Bigfoot) came from Calgoa Creek bridge on the Woolooga Brooweena rd, QLD Australia in January 2021. Here is the account as told to us by truck driver Peter Hartgers. 360

Yowie | Cryptid Wiki | Fandom

Cryptidz.fandom.com Yowie, also known as Yayhoo, Youree, Hairy Man, or Yahoo is a fanged humanoid marsupial or great ape, featured in Aboriginal mythology along with Australian Raptors, Bunyips and Burrunjor.

Yowie | Mythology wiki | Fandom

Mythology.wikia.org Yowie is one of several names for an Australian folklore entity reputed to live in the Outback. The creature has its roots in Aboriginal oral history.

Yowie | FFXIclopedia | Fandom

Ffxiclopedia.fandom.com Can drop multiple Yowie Skins; Can be Mugged repeatedly for the maximum ~3,000-4000 gil. Historical Background. In Australian Aboriginal mythology, the Yowie is a strange creature that resembles a combination of a lizard and an ant which emerged from the ground at night to eat anything it could find, including humans.

Yowie | Yu-Gi-Oh! Wiki | Fandom

Yugioh.fandom.com Yowie. View source. History Talk (0) Share. watch 02:45. The Loop (Games) Do you like this video? Play Sound Yowie. Japanese: ...

Yowie hunters claim a 10-foot beast stalked them in

Dailymail.co.uk Aug 01, 2019 · Two men have claimed they were stalked in a tunnel by a three metre beast they believed to be a yowie in regional New South Wales. Australian …

Urban Dictionary: yowie

Urbandictionary.com A squatchy creature who only eats peanut butter, cookies, and texas toast. It also prefers vodka over all other liquids. It traditionally has a HGR that is extremely high. (See: Hot Girl Ratio)

Yowiehunters Witness Audio Reports - YouTube

Youtube.com Thank you for Visiting. We appreciate your interest. Here you will find one of two Youtube Accounts from Australian Yowie Research (www.yowiehunters.com). This Youtube Account is Primarily created ...

Yowie | Myths and Folklore Wiki | Fandom

Mythus.fandom.com Yowie is one of several names for an Australian folklore entity reputed to live in the Outback. The creature has its roots in Aboriginal oral history.

Yowie | Monster Sanctuary Wiki | Fandom

Monster-sanctuary.fandom.com The Yowie was long thought to be just a myth. Many people collected footprints of this elusive beast, but they often varied in size and number of toes. Even the early Monster Keepers weren't sure of their existence, and it was complete happenstance that a Monster Keeper came upon a Yowie.

Yowie | Villains Wiki | Fandom

Villains.fandom.com The Yowie is the Australian version of the Yeti. Although it is generally classed as a different creature, like the Yeti, it is considered by some as a "missing-link", a mix of human and ape. However, the Yowie has a reputation for being a fairly aggressive and dangerous creature, and even before colonization of Australia, there were Aborigine legends about "wild ma(e)n", whom the native ...

The Yowie (2010) - IMDb

Imdb.com Directed by Jens Hertzum. With Samuel Faull, Alan Dearth, Natalie Rose, Brendon Taylor. Bill Walker, a Blue Mountains shop owner, is in crisis. His wife Marge has died and his artistic son Kevin is immature and dependent. Their tourist cafe is failing. He forces Kevin into a Chewbacca suit and gets him to run across the road in the surrounding national park to fake a Yowie.

Glenbrook Yowie Video from June 2013 - YouTube

Youtube.com A very tall yowie i filmed in the background at Glenbrook The Blue Mountains NSW in June 2013.

The Future of YOWIE | IFundWomen

Ifundwomen.com YOWIE is building the future of dynamic retail: an (endlessly) shoppable space to stay, shop, collaborate, and explore, curated from our unique point of view and empowered by the community of artists, shoppers, and creators that trust our voice and vision.

'Best footage yet' released of mythical seven-foot Yowie

Thesun.co.uk Sep 07, 2016 · A CREATURE bearing a striking resemblance to the mythical Yowie is believed to have been caught on camera in amazing footage as it makes its way through the outback in …

Amazon.com : Yowie Bites Chocolate with Surprise Inside

Amazon.com The Yowie all live together in the Yowasis where they are always ready to jump into action to come to the defense of the wild animals and habitats they protect. Every time you enjoy a Yowie Bites you learn something new about our world’s fascinating animals - the sweet way to …

Amazon.com : Yowie Surprise Inside Chocolate Egg | Easter

Amazon.com Unwrap to discover a large Yowie shaped chocolate shell surrounding a recyclable egg-shaped capsule containing a collectible toy with an educational information leaflet. Box of 12 chocolate eggs. THE WILD WATER SERIES celebrates and brings awareness to many endangered animals that live in …

Heather-Roadster Yowie - Primeline Store View

Primeline.com Heathered version of famous yowie multifunction rally wear. Made of 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex. Keeps you warm in the cold and cool in the heat. Can be used as a bandana, wristband, head wrap, scarf, face mask, skull cap, hair band, scrunchie, rally towel and much more. Hand-wash only.Instructions included.Red Yowie cannot be printed in White colorNot intended for medical use; not recognized by ...

Yowie | Final Fantasy Wiki | Fandom

Finalfantasy.fandom.com Yowie (ヨーウィー, Yōwī?) is a recurring enemy in the series. 1 Appearances 1.1 Final Fantasy X 1.2 Final Fantasy XI 1.3 Final Fantasy XIV 1.4 Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift 1.5 Final Fantasy Dimensions 2 Etymology Yowie is an enemy fought at the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth. It attacks with a basic physical attack that can inflict either Petrify or Silence, but is ...

Yowie (Final Fantasy X) | Final Fantasy Wiki | Fandom

Finalfantasy.fandom.com Yowie is a fiend in Final Fantasy X found in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth. It has high Magic Defense and Evasion, Tidus 's or Wakka 's physical attacks work the best. Yowie's attacks can inflict Petrify or Silence. In the original version, Yowies drop weapons with Strength +3% and Magic +3% instead of …

Yowie of Australia | Bigfoot Base

Bigfootbase.com Apr 28, 2017 · The Yowie is a bipedal hominid reported to live in the wilds of Australia. Oral reports of the creatures date back to the late 1700s by aboriginal natives. Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, European witnesses also reported encounters. Originally known as Yahoos, Yowies maintain an aggressive reputation, known for menacing national park ...

YOWIE (@helloyowie) • Instagram photos and videos

Instagram.com YOWIE #WereALotOfThings but mostly a creative platform, shop & design studio 🏾 As Seen in Domino Mag, Bon Appétit, HypeBae, Clever, Vice, Teen Vogue + More! linktr.ee/YOWIE

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Etsy.com Check out our yowie selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our dried flower arrangements shops.

What does YOWIE mean? - definitions

Definitions.net Definition of YOWIE in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of YOWIE. What does YOWIE mean? Information and translations of YOWIE in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions …

Yowie Chocolates - 1oz : Target

Target.com YOWIE SURPRISE INSIDE CHOCOLATE EGGS star the six Yowie characters in bright foil wrapping. Unwrap to discover a large Yowie shaped chocolate shell surrounding a recyclable egg-shaped capsule containing a collectible toy with an educational information leaflet.

Yowie - Haunted Hills

Hauntedhillstours.com.au Yowie theories. The lack of evidence leaves Yowies open to all sorts of theories from it was a story to explain an unknown, through to a trans-dimensional creature. Bright Garlick discusses in the Youtube video below his encounter with a female Yowie person, called Tareatha, who has a deep growling voice.

Synchromysticism | Yowie

Yowie.bandcamp.com Synchromysticism by Yowie, released 21 April 2017 1. Ineffable Dolphin Communion 2. Mysterium Tremendum 3. Absurdly Ineffective Barricade 4. The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You 5. The Reason Your House Is Haunted Can Be Found On This Microfiche Since 2000, St. Louis’ YOWIE has been perfecting a unique form of progressive rock that incorporates complex polyrhythms and guitar …

YOWIE | Digital Marketing Illawarra

Yowiemedia.com YOWIE Media has been providing proven branding, photography and marketing services for over 25 years. Our mission is to develop and promote your business profile to a level of professionalism and authenticity that will make you stand out in the market for all the right reasons.

Everything You’ve Been Desperate To Know About The Yowie

Pedestrian.tv Apr 01, 2019 · The Yowie is Australia's answer to Bigfoot - a large, mysterious, maybe mythical creature that lives in the Australian bush and is maybe (probably) real.

What is a Yowie? | SBS News

Sbs.com.au The Yowie has roots in Aboriginal oral history and according to folklore, is a creature of the Outback. The Kuku Yalanji Tribe of far north Queensland claims to have coexisted with the Yowie for ...

Australian Yowie Research - What Is A Yowie?

Yowiehunters.com.au The Yowie normally stays clear of large groups of humans, but a lone walker could get the scare of his/her life or much worse. It normally starts as a slow 'stalking' process; the victim first thinks he is being followed by another human, as he begins to run, so does the Yowie keeping the same pace.

Yowie World (@yowieworld) • Instagram photos and videos

Instagram.com Yowie World Yowie makes learning about wildlife and endangered species fun! #yowieworld 🦀 Colors of the Animal Kingdom 🐨 Bites 🐕 Gummies linktr.ee/yowieworld

Yowie - Home | Facebook

Facebook.com Yowie. 3,650 likes · 3 talking about this. http://yowie.bandcamp.com/

Yowie, Philly's Coolest Boutique, Is Our Favorite Design

Bonappetit.com Jul 22, 2019 · “Our Yowie candle line is inspired by our favorite people, places, and things. This candle is an ode to Jean-Paul Belmondo ’s character Michel in Breathless : a charming, undeniable rascal.

Yowie definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

Collinsdictionary.com Yowie definition: a large legendary manlike or apelike creature, alleged to inhabit the Australian outback | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

California - Yowie – Outdoor Tech

Outdoortechnology.com California - Yowie. Regular price. $7.95 Quantity Add to Cart. Details. Made of wicking polyester microfiber, this super soft and stretchy tube sized at 10" x 20" is designed to perform a variety of functions. Wear as a facemask, beanie, headband, neck scarf, wrist band, scrunchie, create your own use.

Dangerous jellyfish seen lurking near popular Sydney

Dailymail.co.uk 1 day ago · Swarm of deadly box jellyfish is seen lurking near a popular swimming spot - as parents are put on alert. School of dangerous jellyfish lurking at Sydney swimming spot Yowie Bay