Companies in China

Name Industry Founded Company Size Address
Computer Hardware N/A N/A Bldg 3, Xinbei Qianjiang Intl. Bldg, Hangzhou, China Zipcode 311100
Financial Services Company N/A N/A Building 1B, Beijing, China Zipcode 100024
Enterprise 1948 N/A East, No.40 Fuxing Road, Beijing, China Zipcode 100855
Coal N/A N/A No. 14, Zhanbei Street, Datong, China Zipcode 037005
Commercial Bank N/A N/A Hua Xia Bank Mansion, Beijing, China Zipcode 100005
Banks—Regional N/A N/A No. 288 Zhongshan Road, Nanjing, China Zipcode 210008
Packaged Foods N/A N/A No. 1, Ronghua Road, Wuwei, China Zipcode 733000
Company 12/8/2005 N/A No.85 De Sheng Men Wai Street, Beijing, China Zipcode 100088
Public University 1996 501 - 1000 Hexi Industrial Zone, Baotou, China Zipcode 014010
Gambling N/A N/A Block B, Building No. 7, Shenzhen, China Zipcode 518115
Drug Manufacturers—General N/A N/A No. 78 Shaoxi South Road, Lin'an City, China. Zipcode 311300
Medical Condition 2010 501 - 1000 Shanghai HNA Building, Shanghai, China
Company N/A N/A No. 9 South Min Zhuang Road, Beijing, China
Corporation 7/1/1999 N/A 72 Hunan Road, Kunming, China Zipcode 100097
Organization N/A N/A MFOX Plaza Tower D, Beijing, China Zipcode 100176
Company N/A N/A No. 2 Disheng Middle Road, Beijing, China Zipcode 100176
Organization N/A N/A Hundsun Tower, Hangzhou, China Zipcode 310053
Education & Training Services N/A N/A No. 29 Building, Beijing, China Zipcode 100078
Utilities—Independent Power Producers N/A N/A No.1 Nansanxiang, Beijing, China Zipcode 100822
Gold Mining Company 1975 N/A Building No. 3, Jinan, China Zipcode 250100
Company N/A N/A No. 1 Industrial Avenue, Wuzhou, China Zipcode 543000
Utilities—Regulated Gas N/A N/A Dazhong Building, Shanghai, China Zipcode 200235
Drug Manufacturers—Specialty & Generic N/A N/A No. 72 Hongxing Street, Hulin, China
Specialty Chemicals N/A N/A No. 8, Jujing Road, Linhai, China Zipcode 317000
Specialty Retail N/A N/A No.8 Beijing Road, Hefei, China
Company N/A N/A No. 305 Liuying Road, Shanghai, China
Conglomerates N/A N/A No. 1801 Jilin Road, Changchun, China
Apparel Manufacturing N/A N/A Xin Fengge Building, Shishi, China Zipcode 362700
Regional Daily Newspaper 1922 201 - 500 manchester, manchester, united kingdom
Company N/A N/A No.1 2nd Ring North Road, Shaoxing, China Zipcode 312001
Agricultural Inputs N/A N/A No.1, Xin'an Building, Jiande, China. Zipcode 311600
Infrastructure Operations N/A N/A 520 Wangjiang West Road, Hefei, China Zipcode 230088
Company N/A 51 - 200 No.869 Huanghe Road 5, Binzhou, China
Company N/A N/A Shanghai Hongqiao Yuanyi Mansion, Shanghai, China Zipcode 201103
Farm & Heavy Construction Machinery N/A 201 - 500 2500 NE Neff Rd, Bend, OR 97701
Organization N/A N/A No. 920 Nanjing West Road, Shanghai, China Zipcode 200041
Organization N/A N/A No. 41, Hongqiao Road, Shanghai, China
Beverages—Wineries & Distilleries N/A N/A Beihai Bridge, Shaoxing, China Zipcode 312000
Organization N/A N/A No.22, Nanhuan East Road, Pingdingshan, China Zipcode 600312
Company N/A N/A Kaile Industrial City, Jingzhou, China Zipcode 434300
Specialty Business Services N/A N/A Jiutian Building, Kunming, China Zipcode 650228
Other Industrial Metals & Mining N/A N/A No.28 Shuiyuan West Road, Beijing, China Zipcode 101500
Furnishings, Fixtures & Appliances N/A N/A No. 506, Beijing South Road, Urumqi, China Zipcode 830011
Steel N/A N/A Ruifeng Building, Hangzhou, China Zipcode 310003
Holding Company 1998 10001+ Tencent Binhai Towers, Shenzhen, China Zipcode 518054
Shell Companies N/A N/A 126 Zhong Bei, Wuhan, China Zipcode 430061
Public University 1971 N/A China Southern Air Building, Guangzhou, China Zipcode 510403
Organization N/A N/A 1366 Zhongtianmen Street, Taian, China Zipcode 271000
Organization N/A N/A Huaxing Modern Industry Park, Hangzhou, China Zipcode 310013
City In China N/A N/A Qingdao Beer Building, Qingdao, China Zipcode 266071
Apparel Manufacturing N/A N/A Times Building, Dalian, China Zipcode 116001
Specialty Industrial Machinery N/A N/A No. 888 Ning Qiao Road, Shanghai, China Zipcode 201206
Marine Shipping N/A N/A No.1, Jingang Street, Jinzhou, China Zipcode 121007
Organization 1/1/1969 N/A Jiyu Building, Changchun, China Zipcode 130000
Far-Right Political Organization 11/9/2017 N/A No. 83, Huanghe Road, Baotou, China Zipcode 014030
Company N/A N/A No.271, Liuyang Avenue, Liuyang, China Zipcode 410300
Internet Retail N/A N/A Xuhuiyuan Business Building, Shanghai, China Zipcode 200030
Brand 2010 51 - 200 Xiaomi Campus, Beijing, China
Internet Content & Information N/A N/A Ruihai Building, Beijing, China Zipcode 100038
Insurance Brokers N/A N/A Pearl River Tower, Guangzhou, China Zipcode 510623
Chemicals N/A N/A No 22 Shuguang Road, Baotou, China Zipcode 014030
Drug Manufacturers—Specialty & Generic N/A N/A Building 1, Shanghai, China Zipcode 200040
Company N/A N/A No.6 Qianqiu Road, Yima, China Zipcode 472300
Specialty Retail N/A N/A 25F, Heye Plaza, Guangzhou, China Zipcode 510140
Biochemist 1996 11-50 Yili Ecological Plaza, Beijing, China Zipcode 100026
Financial Services Company 7/1/1999 N/A Xinpingwang, Datong, China Zipcode 037003
United States Army N/A 501 - 1000 Yinzhou Economic Development Zone, Ningbo, China
Semiconductor Equipment & Materials 1987 501 - 1000 Club House Podium Building, Zhengzhou, China Zipcode 451100
Telecom Services N/A N/A Great Wall Technology Building, Shenzhen, China
Company N/A N/A Queensway Plaza, Shanghai, China Zipcode 200021
Industrial Distribution N/A N/A No. 5 Sanlihe Road, Beijing, China Zipcode 100044
Auto Parts N/A N/A #17 Yingluohe Road Daqi, Ningbo, China Zipcode 315821
Public University 1989 N/A No. 1207 Jiangnin road, Shanghai, China Zipcode 200060
Software Company N/A 1001 - 5000 Pilot Free Trade Zone, Shanghai, China Zipcode 201203
Organization 1913 201 - 500 Building 1, Shanghai, China Zipcode 200233
Drug Manufacturers—General N/A N/A Liren Science and Technology Park, Xi'an, China. Zipcode 710065
Steel N/A N/A No.600 Luban Road, Shanghai, China Zipcode 200023
Organization N/A N/A No. 91, Huanghai Road 1, Rizhao, China Zipcode 276826
Organization N/A N/A Economic Development Zone, Shanghai, China Zipcode 201403
Gold N/A 51 - 200 Economic and Technological Development Zone, Ürümqi, China Zipcode 830023
Company N/A N/A No. 197 Lianggang Road, Chongqing, China
Medical Condition N/A 201 - 500 CYTS Plaza, Beijing, China Zipcode 100007
Organization N/A N/A Guangzhou Ocean Plaza, Guangzhou, China Zipcode 510623
Company 6/14/1995 N/A Huayuan Industrial Park, Tianjin, China Zipcode 300384
Personal Services N/A 11-50 No. 19, Jinxing West Road, Beijing, China
Company N/A N/A Huasheng Tiancheng Research Building, Beijing, China Zipcode 100193
Integrated Freight & Logistics N/A N/A Building 2, Wuhu, China Zipcode 241006
Music Streaming Service 11/1/2007 N/A No. 5, Niuhui North Fifth Street, Beijing, China Zipcode 101300
Http:// 1995 51 - 200 5th Floor, Shanghai, China Zipcode 200070
Electrical Equipment & Parts N/A N/A No.6 Far East Avenue, Yixing, China
Organization N/A N/A Xinji Energy Office Park, Huainan, China Zipcode 232001
Engineering & Construction N/A N/A Longyuan Group Building, Shanghai, China Zipcode 200072
Chemicals N/A 1001 - 5000 No.188 Sanxing Road, Mianyang, China Zipcode 621000
Chemicals N/A N/A Alashan Economic Development Zone, Alxa Zuoqi, China Zipcode 750336
Collectible Card Game N/A N/A 100 Zhoujia Wan, Wuhan, China Zipcode 430064
Drug Manufacturers—Specialty & Generic N/A N/A No. 1 Taiji Road, Chongqing, China Zipcode 408000
Company N/A N/A Longyan Ecnomic Development Zone, Longyan, China Zipcode 364012
Movie N/A N/A No. 2222 West Tianwei Road, Baoding, China Zipcode 071056
Company N/A N/A No. 367, Chaoyangzhou Middle Road, Nanchang, China Zipcode 330025
Automobile Manufacturer N/A N/A No. 260, East Jianxin Road, Chongqing, China Zipcode 400023
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